Please find the timeline for this fascinating conversation I had with Kevin Bulmer, a Canadian Podcaster, Keynote speaker and Consultant.  Kevin is very vulnerable and quite touching as someone who has not only achieved a lot in his life but also wishes to share a lot of what hasn’t worked…

1/ Creativity Authenticity Being self Not listening to little voice 2.10

2/ I don’t aspire to be looked at as someone with answers and I’m happy to just be getting it right rather than being right 11.01

3/ The awkward conversations where we can talk about what’s not working are the fundamental conversations 12.23

4/ Were all comparing ourselves to what we think happy looks like 13.34

5/ No Schedule Man means move forward but sometimes you get blown sideways and then sometimes you end up somewhere better – 23.20

6/ How we continue to bang our own head – universe wants us to get a lesson so we can either let go, listen, or ask is it worth it? 24.45

7/ Learn how HALT serves Kevin to be present and in control of his life – 42.40

8/ Both of us discuss systems and how important they are 54.00 and how not to become a robot about it – 1hour 01

9/ Meditation to Kevin is the pause button between brain & mouth, and how he sometimes forgets what he’s grateful for 1hr05