It was another interesting Leadership Takeaway with this entrepreneur from St Louis in the United States.  Tyler Douthitt has made it his profession to look for trends in the market and take some calculated risks with what type of businesses he invests mainly his time in.

I think we can all learn something from his fearless nature and single-mindedness that has allowed him to create a business that gives him more financial success than working for someone else.  Along with less of the hassle and eventually less time spent in the business as it scales up.

Please find the link to the video below, including Tyler’s Top 9, which lists the highlights of the conversation with a convenient timeline…

1/ We discussed the instant market accessibility in today’s market- Tyler’s experience is within 20 minutes of work you can have an Amazon product available to buy on the American market – 3.30min

2/ We mentioned – Amazon’s fulfilment centres allow a huge return for investors in a long term capacity, because of the scalability of the business and product providers sole focus is now on productivity – 6.46min

3/ We share our thoughts on the challenge of getting your foot into large companies – 9.50min

4/ Tyler talks about how he always appreciates failing and how he turns failures into his successes – 13.55min

5/ Tyler talks about two types of groups – those who stay safe, and those who are more tolerant to risk -16.50min

6/ Tyler talks about how authenticity sells – 18.40min

7/ Tyler talked about the value of content and about not necessarily creating – as we quote Gary Vaynerchuk and the concept of “document don’t create” – 22.05min

8/ Tyler discusses the natural instinct of entrepreneurs and how they go about business – 31.15min

9/ He recommends business owners should find some way to document content on most platforms on social media – 32.40