The PASSION Toolset sets forth a new methodology using a 7-letter acronym that quickly identifies mental blocks to learning or goals completion. Used as part of personal development, your own online learning or through a work or educational community.  

Through a few years of market testing it has become apparent that focusing on small daily behavioural tasks enables learning to stick, is transformative and something that really works.

Don’t believe me as to how good is it, please read my PASSION Toolset client’s opinions:

Mark Goodwin – The passion and expertise Rachel brings and her personality is a major selling point. Also, the clarity of the resources.  If you want to make changes to your life PASSION will support you – the process is accessible and straight forward and the level of support from a first-class coach is superb. There is a personal touch to this programme that you don’t always get in this type of coaching and it has certainly helped me to make the changes I want in my life. Highly recommended!!

Jaya Saunders – Such a comprehensive and practical personal development course. I have gained many insights and the reminders have been invaluable.

Agata Szkiela – I was reflecting today on the road I have made from the moment we started our PASSION program. It was a great experience and kept me on track with my goal. The tools helped me clarify my vision and allowed me to focus better on values that are important for me. It was a long journey and although my goal is not here yet, thanks to the tools I was able to identify what is most important to me and how to incorporate my business vision into my life vision with alignment to my values.

Action Action!  I cannot see the obstacles or limiting beliefs anymore. Focusing on actions not results is so empowering!

It was also a unique journey that taught me patience and perseverance and taking better care of myself.   It is a deep inner work that can be applied both to personal and professional life, which is unique as other courses usually focus on one of the areas of our life.  I am grateful I was able to meet you all and hope we will stay in touch and support each other in this group after the program is finished. Thank you Rachael Orchard for this wonderful time together and opportunity to be a part of that journey with all of you. 

Ronel Vermeulen – Passion has allowed the reinventing of my ‘self’

Linda Wheatley – The passion tool has been very useful to us with great results very quickly. It’s a fantastic tool to have in your Toolbox.  The Toolkit makes it so easy to make the connection really quickly.  That’s the key.  All of a sudden the limiting beliefs don’t matter and are not running my life.

Great feeling when you can learn to recognise them for what they are.  Thanks to the amazing Rachael for the fantastic Passion tools and giving us this blessed opportunity to be a part of this life changing project and connecting with you guys in this wonderful group. Look forward to seeing the changes we will all continue to make in 2019.

Kizzy Harris – My resilience has been so positively affected by this.  The use of ‘P’ of PASSION – has meant I can see what my energy is being lost to, I have been so drained.  Before it was the head knowledge what’s the next magic course?  Now using PASSION it has allowed me to strip everything back. ‘A’ for Authenticity means I am more living and breathing it.

We know up in our head but maybe not living it as coaches as we don’t have the reserves that we know to generate.  PASSION has given me a sense of gratitude. A sense of the kindness of people.  It allows me to see I can’t change what’s happened I refocus on things and the importance of what I have.

Victoria Anatchkova – It has been a pleasure to be part of this experience for the past 3 months. Even though I have not participated actively, I have benefited a lot! The daily emails and sms have been a great tool and made me think not only over my habits, but also improved my self-observation and observation in general.  On the surface came out some very old limiting believes and understanding that I was considering gone long time ago.

One of my biggest self-sabotage statement / question is: What’s the point? Especially in the tough moments … Well, the point is that I found some new believes that could support the achievement of my goal (what I do is worthy, brings value and helps people, I do my job well, I am happy with what I do, feeling motivated and satisfied!!!, this fulfils my day!!!) However, it would be really beneficial to look what is the reason behind this feeling of being down!

I also remind myself to award my victories and success and to put them down on a sheet of paper as I do tend to forget a lot!  Keep track of the small daily steps and do break down the ugly tasks into smaller ones just to keep up ;-).  What’s next? working on the sacrifices I tend to do in my personal and professional life which turned out to be a lot!  Thank you Rachel for this lovely and revealing experience!

Ines Gheorgheasa – I am now more alert to my negative thoughts.  I like being able to Speak what I think and having a tool to Keep my promises.  It has helped me to be honest and I love the Authenticity tool. Plus using the Say tool and how to Stick to goals. The Quotes for me were Amazing as it has been hard for me in the last 3 years.  Thank you Rachael for your commitment to giving us the 3 month programme.