I have not always been a coach, but then again some of the most effective coaches have done other jobs and then specialised in coaching because they care about people. Coaching is the best place to impact people’s lives and make a real difference.

Many of my roles were client-facing involving sales, marketing and events management.  However, when I did a personal development course in 2013 there was no turning back.  I discovered the “Software” to “Re-programme” human beings, how exciting was that, being able to have a 30 minute conversation with someone, which becomes life changing for them.

The next couple of years involved setting up a coaching business called MyPocketCoach, gaining my credentials and coaching many hundreds of individuals from public and private sector organisations, including team coaching programmes.

But there are only so many 1-2-1 sessions a coach can perform in a day.  So I “coded a programme” that could infect the mindset of many and the PASSION Toolset is a result of that intention.

The future is where every leader interested in #StayingAwake, take out a dog-eared PASSION Toolset book in their local coffee shop and then turn to a folded back page for reference, scribble some notes on what they just discovered by reflecting on another daily stretch goal… then my work is done, I’ve impacted their perspective of what’s now possible for them.

Qualifications:  Acquired a distinction at Diploma level 7 Practitioner Coach (Dip NMC) in 2015, accredited by the International Institute for Coaching & Mentoring (IIC&M), endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) & the Government European Commission.

Accreditations:  An associate member of the ILM (AMInstLM), and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

PASSION Toolset was previously called 90Day Manager2Coach and was accredited by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Standards Office from 2016-2018.

                                                                                                                                            ”We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be the past; and we must respect the past, remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible.”

– George Santayana, Philosopher, Poet & Novelist