I actually just re-watched this video as I was creating a New Year’s mail campaign around it.  I couldn’t believe how good it was and how much I have actually learnt by re-watching my own interview!  Just goes to show we listen differently every time we hear someone and why we never read the same book the same way again.. Please enjoy this very clever and interesting CEO, Patrick Henry, founder of Quest Fusion and consultant to the Tech industry in America. You will definitely learn something about establishing, growing and sustaining successful businesses and how to manage people. ENJOY!

Ben Drury from Expect Brilliant, is one of those people I saw presenting a webinar and he inspired me with what he does on a daily basis.  He supports businesses to communicate their mission to the people in a company who most importantly make it happen.

This interview was filmed with a leader from the Worldwide Coaching Industry, Mr Gerard O’Donovan. It covers not only setting up a business in a time where coaching wasn’t accepted as mainstream, but it also vulnerably looks at being a sole trader and how you can turn that into becoming one of Coaching’s most prominent figures in the UK.  Plus advising on Coaching Boards and International Coaching Training worldwide…  And Gerard just happens to be a lovely guy also!

Below is one of my first recorded interviews (excuse quality) and still one of my favourites!  I explore with Ray Olds about his time over 5 decades building up Cambridge Online Systems to the company it is today, culminating in being in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work For…  For the other 3 parts to this interview visit my Youtube channel at www.mypocketcoachuk@gmail.com

This next interview with Richard was an engaging look at how this young entrepreneur took his and his best friends ideas whilst still at college; then built a successful cloud and hosting business purely off the back of their drive to be the best.

This was filmed with Margaret Boukadia, an entrepreneur in the Afro Hair Care Industry. When we recorded this, Margaret was just about to launch her revolutionary natural products, which she believes follows the current trend to create that natural look without damaging your hair or the environment.  This video is good for anyone who has an idea for a product or invention and doesn’t know where to start…