Rachael’s coaching in the past enabled me to face matters both in my professional and personal life with velocity and in a highly effective way.  She can see through situations and get to the bottom of issues no matter how in concise my account might be.  I often refer to her as a voice of sanity in my slightly hectic life, which I don’t think differs a lot from most people’s.

Business AnalystCabinet Office Employee

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachael as a coach as she is clearly passionate about her work and very committed to her clients. She works on all levels from practical tips through to a deeper essence of connecting yourself with you.

Becca HarrisonMakeup Artist for Sky TV

Rachael is very good at creating the right environment and asking the right questions to get the best from those she works with on a variety of coaching projects. Rachael’s CEO video interviews are a prime way to view her coaching and leadership talents, with a range of insightful conversations available across her YouTube video channel.

Mel DigneyOwner - HooplaHR

Rachael asks the kind of questions that people don’t normally ask so we get to tell a story that isn’t normally heard. The benefit of this is that it allows people to see more of the human side that we deal with; and because our people define our culture – it gives a clearer picture of the customer experience.

Richard SwainCo-Owner - Force36

Rachael is clear, articulate and helps you think about your business in a different way. She helped me see and acknowledge things about my business that before I had not realised I could exploit. I loved that she focuses on your strengths and values and looks at exploiting those. I look forward to implementing our action plan and seeing where it takes me, but I feel it will be somewhere great! Thank you Rachael.

Adelina ChalmersThe Geek Whisperer

I have known Rachael for a number of years as an active networker in and around Cambridge.
I have also met many other Business/Executive/Life coaches, some of whom I have worked with.
Many have been ‘fluffy’ and undefined in their strategy, others pretend to be business coaches with no business experiences of their own. Rachael is far from fluffy, has good business acumen as well as some interesting personal experiences to draw from.
If you would like a coach -I would suggest giving Rachel some time, you will certainly go back for more. She has a refreshing approach to the ‘profession’.

Mark SamwaysAutomotive Finance Broker

This was an interesting, enabling and productive session from a coach who closely listened to the client, kept him focused and ensured that her enthusiasm and energy matched his throughout. This session was a progressive conversation between two people who shared a common goal, to achieve as much as possible within the 30 minute time frame. In fact Rachael showed a marked depth of maturity and understanding that greatly assisted in building rapport and confidence in the client. It was also refreshing that Rachael showed clear and powerful intuition throughout the session without having to revert to flagging up an intuition question. At the conclusion the client had a clear under standing of the next steps he was going to take, more than enough material to achieve them and a significant AhHa! moment that will result in a possible new approach to a significant part of the subject being coached on.

John FielderNLP Trainer and Accredited Master Coach (AMC)

I would recommend Rachael as she’s very down to earth and very thorough. If you want to get organised and get going, you need a coach – sometimes you just can’t sort things out as you need someone to help you identify what is missing in what you’re doing – that person is Rachael!

Babalola SalamiOwner - Greatar Marketing