Assassin’s Creed…and why I’ve discovered you don’t need the Animus VR machine to find your genetic code

I watched Asssasin’s Creed today and apart from the stunning performances by Michael Fassbender and Jeremy Irons there was also something very evident from what I saw.

The film uses futuristic technology to take present day Michael Fassbender’s character Callum back to his 15th century descendent Aguilar, who is the leader of the Assassins who are the defenders of Free Will. This free will genetic coding comes from the Apple and the moment of the first disobedient behaviour by Adam and Eve, and is now viciously sought after by the Templars (rulers of religion and money and now science) who seek to control mankind.

Despite an intricately woven storyline which I loved, there are huge parallels in this idea of our genetics going back hundreds of years which I am cracking with the genetic tools I am using with my coaching today. I can see so much relevance to looking back to our ancestry to be able to unravel the shackles that hold us back to fully embrace our very own performance potential.

I’ll give you an example. When we can truly understand our genetic coding which we can by looking to our parents and theirs (see Eckhart Tolle for more on ego, over thinking & becoming present), we are then able to accept EVERYTHING we do in life is conditioning – i.e. Our behaviours are not our own, we actually have no free choice a lot of the time as we are acting out habits built by childhood reactions to situations, this is known as conditioning.

The beauty of coaching allows us to become aware of the limitations of our ancestry; but more so important allows us in the moment of choice (in our response lies our growth & our freedom, Viktor Frankl holocaust survivor), to see when we are reacting and then “recode” the new behaviour we want to model.

In the story the Templars wanted to control and manipulate this “free will”, however, there is a lot more sophisticated way of dealing with disobedient or unworkable behaviour and this is what I trade in.. Showing someone their genetic code/conditioning and then allowing them to choose or rewrite their future. The next bit requires extreme discipline as you build a new code and remodel behaviour, breaking old habits is hard as the left brain wants you to remain safe and hates change.

This is a slow process of back re-engineering (see Neurogym by John Assaraf, New York Times bestseller), whereby you create a new future with new behaviours and visualise, affirm daily but making sure your left brain is aligned. This is something I have struggled with for the last few years as my beliefs were so cemented in that I wasn’t the one.

There’s so much science, social psychology, business studies here that I could share with you right now, but rather than that I’d like to leave you with a few tools that will allow you to access your genetic coding. Re-coding is a whole different ball game, and if you’re not willing to play then no point me talking. So I’ll let you decide…

1/ Recognise we are the sum of our history

2/ The brain will always keep you safe and away from change

3/ If your left brain (analysis) is not congruent with your right brain (creation memory) then change and forward goals will not be achieved

4/ Create optimal environments for your right brain to flourish (these are just a few egs):

-Be positively proactive with your language, create daily small actions that forward your goal – MEASURE – AND REPEAT WHAT WORKS

-Do things that make you feel good – exercise, hydrate, listen to music, paint, play (or whatever makes YOU feel good). The key to remember is what works for one doesn’t work for another

-Believe and you will see

-Most of all be true to your real genetic coding (you will know when it feels right) and never blame your environment, you are responsible and the master of your future

-Allow yourself to feel, when you feel and connect with yourself and others you will truly understand (that’s just the way the brain works- it’s electro chemical in nature which is where all our feelings are sourced)

We are only just beginning to understand the brain and its potential. But one huge discovery is the brain mirrors what it experiences from other people. With this in mind (lol) we truly can begin to see the huge imprint not only our forefathers have had on us; but that which we are making today on each other.

So be very careful what you say and do to everyone you meet as you are not only impacting yourself but the future of the world…

And this my friends is why I coach because I have the power to make the world a better place.

So go be a superhero today x