I loved this Leadership Takeaway with Dan Blanchard.  We had many things in common about our leadership practices, but there were also some things Dan taught me.  Thanks again Dan, and I hope you all enjoy this more by following the handy timeline below (minute indicates point) :

2.33. How sports became his strategy by accident
4.30. How effort is everything, most people only willing to do once or twice
6.55. The mistake of lecturing people and the solution to motivating people
8.00. How to be a role model
11.35. Dan touches on the best version of yourself
17.30. Dan discusses how making a huge effort in everything he does leads to him being more positive
19.30. How’s there’s genius in simplicity
22.00. Dealing with bad circumstances – the hardships have created the diamond/unique
*** Next is my favourite part ***
28.18 Readers are leaders
28.32 Writers are fighters
29.20. Meta cognition is huge success strategy
30.20. Say things out loud and impact community
33.50. Start by being kind – you become better version of yourself
36.30. Where ego stops our performance
42.00. We’re not the experts we just keep doing this stuff to remind us to be the best person
47.00. Dan wants to go back to youth community sports for his next project … how does he inspire inner city kids today to want the best for themselves?
52.00. Lessons from a team mentality- dan was in the forces as well as the sports profession