Navigating Work-Life Balance & Mental Health during Covid19

I’ve done a lot of work with people who want to reassess their careers or it could be more of a values alignment exercise. But mostly it tends to be about work-life balance.
We are now living in a situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, where for the first time ever, our work and life areas have been squeezed into the same living space and it is crucial we navigate this well for our own & others continuing health and wellbeing.
This Harvard Business Review that I just read by Rob Cross tackles all of this in a really simple way, giving lots of advice on the #howto go about achieving this successfully.
What I really liked was the Worksheet Rob provided where he gets you to rate each area with a score of 100 so that you are able to identify low scoring areas and then also able to see if there is a certain new activity/ action you could create that will cover many of the important areas simultaneously.
So please read the article, and then have a go at the Worksheet, you’d be surprised at how this sort of activity gets results fast.
And if you are interested in further reading, go follow Rob Cross, Edward A Madden Professor of Global Leadership on Linkedin, his way of capturing this area is fantastic.

Great article by Rob Cross, Edward A Madden Professor of Global Leadership at Babson College