6 Discoveries for Lifelong Brain POTENTIAL

More from Dr Sandra Chapman of “Make Your Brain Smarter,” for you all.. It is as essential to monitor our brain health as it is our physical health.  Yet the physical fitness industry is booming and very few are aware that the brain should regularly be given a workout also.  This is because it was always seen that the demise of the brain was out of our control and now Neuroscience discoveries reveal the opposite is actually true.  Not only do we have here and now the potential to increase brain power, but there are 6 important discoveries that show the crucial importance to slowing and even eradicating mental decline by maintaining brain health..

1/The Brain continues to make new cells everyday we live

2/The Brain can form complex connections throughout life

3/The Connections between neurones can be strengthened against weakness

4/There is No time limit to brain repair as previously thought and this can be greatly improved if higher level demands are put on the frontal lobe skills

5/Restorative Brain training practices share benefits across injuries, diseases and age related decline

6/Advances in Brain imaging technology allow us to view changes in the activation of the brain regions which are acquiring new knowledge.  There is more activation in areas where there is new learning and as the brain works harder in that area it requires more glucose.  However, as it masters the skill it needs less activation.  All of this information provides us now with a cognitive index of brain functionality which will allow us to benchmark brain health and any weaknesses, which we can then take steps to regain that functionality.

How are you training your brain everyday?..