How Superhero’s Access their Latent Energy

Now recently as a Superhero’s coach and single parent (AND fiercely independent), the temptation on school holidays to get distracted and even a bit low in energy with all the extra things going on is a constant. However, what I’ve learnt over the last few years allows me to continue working and not beating myself up if I have to reset a task, or move a few things around that I had planned, and here’s what I know..

It’s easy to say “just do it” or “avoid the obstacles” but sometimes the craters are coming at you thick and fast and as a Superhero you accept that this is to be consistently in action, just hoping you make it to the next level, and if you do that’s great and if you don’t you get back up again. And, a lot of us get stuck on replay, and even rewind because it’s easy to do the same thing rather than have to risk doing something new and look bad. But even then, telling someone what you think they should be doing is not even going to make any difference. Firstly you don’t know actually what’s going on, but they have to see for themself and make the change.. SO what is it that has someone see their hidden powers. As I said there is an emerging formula I am now using as a go to and it’s something like this:

1/ Have a strong context for your life that empowers you

2/ Acknowledge, Accept and Appreciate

3/ Build effective daily habits

4/ Challenge yourself constantly to feel alive

I’m finding that when I feel like my Superhero powers are dwindling a little it is because one of the four above are missing. Plus if it’s feeling uncomfortable you’re definitely doing it right and it’s when it starts to feel a little routine that that is when you need to go back to “GO” and do not collect £200.

To be honest, each of the 4 elements above is a days work in the Superhero’s Bootcamp; and for all of us each one needs revisiting on a regular basis.. Like really! if we all were really practicing acceptance and appreciation the world would look a HUGELY different place; and if we constantly challenged ourselves then hell yeh those spandex pants and costumes would be regular occurrences for us all.


Watch this space for complimentary places to my Introduction to Superhero’s Bootcamp..

Have we Flatlined?.. Here’s how to self-defibrillate!

“People are on a Highway to Fear & Dirtroad to Happiness”, Tony Robbins..

Did you know that America represents 5% of the population and consumes 80% of the worlds cocaine.  Why this doesn’t surprise me is because I coach people regularly who are not happy enough that it’s too worrying or sad enough to do anything about it.  And this is because most of us are running round with stress levels sky rocketing as we are not taking time to figure out what really matters to us and then consistently doing that.  Now saying that comes as no surprise to you all, and that’s the more worrying thing, because we have the information and STILL choose to add distractions of food/stimulants or a better job, car, relationships thinking that will work.  WRONG..  You won’t escape your way to joy.  So if even the rich successful people cannot master the game how can anyone master this.


1/Feed, Strengthen, Focus your Mind – if you say till you believe it you will thrive in any environment

2/Strengthen your Body – all about the physiology of the intensity of breaking through, running those extra few minutes, or stairs

3/Role models – we all need to see examples of what works

4/Plan & Massive Action – it will never be perfect and the key is passion & consistency

5/Deciding on Beautiful State – this is the key really as Robbins has seen from his life’s work that it is a human tendency to always compare or make wrong and when we trade our expectations for appreciation and the focus is no longer on our self this is the highway to happiness.  And not only that when you are happy you WILL attract success.

So why wait, try these out, what are some actions you could take to fulfil on this?