Learn how Jim Rees wanted to push physical boundaries, cycling three times consecutively solo in the Race Across America

And now another Leadership Video, how lucky are we to get this guy!  Please meet Jim Rees, 3 times consecutive Ultra-cyclist for The Race Across America, “The Long & The Short of It” Business Coach and generally great guy.

Please find below a time line and when you have more time, it’s worth watching the video by clicking on the link…

9.20 – Jim describes the extreme conditions of the 12-day cycling race across America

6.50 – Jim discusses how he handed his life to his crew in the race across America, and how it takes high levels of trust

18.30 – Jim touches on emotional resilience and what power that gives him in sports and business

20.05 – How your strength can be your weakness also

28.25 – Jim talks about how you find the essence of yourself, passion, calling, call it what you will

34.40 – Jim discusses how time limits managers properly being able to deal with issues in corporations

37.30 – Jim touches on sustainable coaching programmes

42.20 – We discuss the only personal power we have control over is our attitude/ choice of perspective

48.40 – Jim talks about the “fingerprint” he wants to leave, & how he sees everyone has a story which we better need to understand

53.00 – Jim finishes the interview saying it’s all about taking 100% personal responsibility, but not being afraid to take actions is key to performance

Thanks again to Jim for a fabulous interview which I really enjoyed and learnt so much.

Amy Cooper Hakim, Amazon Bestseller, how to handle the 10 types of problem people without losing your mind!

It’s been a while but we’re back!  The next in the Leadership Takeaways videos is filmed here with Amy Cooper Hakim an American Industrial Organisational Psychology Practitioner.  Amy spent some time with me to share how she gives coaching in the areas of Goal Setting, Motivation, Time management and more importantly, how to handle stress effectively.

Please find below a time line and when you have more time yourself, it’s worth watching the video by clicking on the link…

3.00 – Amy answers the question why training works for some people but not others

6.50 – Amy explains where the idea for her Amazon Bestseller came from

7.30 – We find out how her book helps global teams and employees deal with stress and creating boundaries

8.55 – Where she sees the route cause of miscommunication with high-level executives

11.30 – Amy discusses the impact of “Yes-Sayers” or “Group-Think”

16.00 – Any talks about what the difference is between Letter of the Law and the Spirit of the Law

18.30 – Amy describes how to empower people who are working for you

22.45 – We learn that Amy is looking to publish a new book on Work-Life balance

26.50 – Amy gives a tip for getting more of a work-life balance

Thanks to Amy for her time for what was a really interesting interview.